Hypothetical Encounter

It’s like she woke up something
inside of me that I never knew I had
something impossible
something so great that it altered my world
a complete flip
levels of strength and love
that I never knew existed
I woke up she woke me up
life before was a dream
this is a fairy tale
this can’t be real


Lover Vs. Beloved

Humans in relationships generally fall into two roles, lover and beloved.┬áIn any relationship, love will never be perfectly reciprocated. There is always a person with stronger feelings. So the question is… would you rather be the lover or the beloved?

The beloved tends more often to be the object of the lover’s affection. Both are comfortable with their role, and the relationship thrives. I’ve experienced both sides. Both are possible with the right person.

Love may also be unconcerned with this. Love is not a choice. It seems certain women draw more feelings out of me than others. I don’t choose which ones.

Maybe a good relationship is one where the roles of lover and beloved are constantly changing, keeping each other on their toes.

10 Minute Poem

Can’t have a rise without a fall.
Can’t have a fall without a spring.
Can’t have a spring without a rest.
Can’t have a rest without a note.
Can’t have a note without a human.
Can’t have a human without love.
Can’t have love without loss.
Can’t have loss without gain.
Can’t have again without having before.
Can’t have before without desire.
Can’t have desire unless we are not attached.
If we are not attached, then we don’t need to “have” anything.